Aaren Scientific offers a line of OptiVis® IOLs which include the proprietary Adaptiv™ Aspheric Optics. Adaptiv™ lenses are designed to compensate for spherical aberration to achieve exceptional optical performance for distance vision – even in cases of clinically occurring IOL misalignment and/or tilt. Included with the Adaptiv™ Aspheric technology, the OptiVis® IOLs are designed for correcting the presbyopia of the eye existing either before or after the cataract surgery. The Adaptiv™ Aspheric OptiVis® Multifocal IOL is a multifocal IOL offering patients a continual clear vision from distant far to near reading distance with the support of its additional focal points alongside the distant focal point. The OptiVis® MIOL has ~100% complete light usage compared with an 80-some percent efficiency of other commercial MIOLs.